Public talk: 400 years from the publication of Kepler\’s Harmonices Mundi

Celebrating 400 years from the publication of Harmonices Mundi, in this public talk I will go beyond Kepler\’s contribution to modern astronomy and the laws of planetary motion, I will instead present the development of ideas throughout this monumental work, placing them in context with contemporary works but also tracing them back to the original resources in ancient greek philosophy. Euclidean ¬†geometry, Pythagorean number-theory and Neoplatonic philosophy combines with the observations of Tycho Brahe, and ¬†the musical theories of Vincenzo Galilei, Gioseffo Zarlino and Ptolemy in a fascinating quest for universal harmony. Concluding my talk, I will demonstrate how these theories have been central until the late baroque era but also how they have influenced the development of western thought and culture until today.

The presentation will take place at the Astronomical Observatory of the University of Vienna at 18:30 on April 12th.