A panchromatic view of protoplanetary disks

In our recently accepted publication we describe the content and basic properties collection of panchromatic datasets of 85 protostellar sources including T-Tauri sources, transitional disks and HAeBe protostars.  This possibly represents the largest and most complete collection of its kind.  Each dataset spans from the X-rays to cm wavelengths and includes continuum as well as spectral line metadata (e.g. line fluxes with corresponding errors, interferometric maps when available etc). The data compilation represents an assembly of more than 150 individual filters and spectral chunks observed with 50 different facilities and also collected form more than 90 published articles. A large collection of metadata on the stellar properties and other system parameters is compiled from a set of  50 published articles and will soon become available online. All data are now publicly available through the DIOD database. The complete manuscript can be accessed through the arXiv repository.