Lecture notes on protoplanetary disks now online


The lecture notes from the Summer School “Protoplanetary Disks: Theory and Modeling Meet Observations” are new online. All 16 chapters are \”open access\” and readily available at the EPJ website. The Summer School was organized by University of  Groningen and the DiscAnalysis FP7 project and it took place in The Netherlands (Ameland) during the third week June, 2014 with a participation of ~50 students and young researchers from all around the globe. The lecture notes series provide an excellent reference handbook for early and advanced researchers. Each individual chapter addresses a specific issue on protoplanetary disks and all chapters are written by experts in the field.  Topics include:

  • Preface (Ch. 01). Inga Kamp, Peter Woitke and John Ilee (editors)
  • Disk formation and structure (Ch. 02). Carsten Dominik
  • Dust in protoplanetary disks: observations (Ch. 03). L.B.F.M. Waters
  • Disk evolution: dust and gas (Ch. 04). Carsten Dominik
  • Dust Opacities (Ch. 05). Michiel Min
  • Continuum radiative transfer (Ch. 06). Christophe Pinte
  • Modelling and interpretation of SEDs (Ch. 07). Peter Woitke
  • Gas line observations of disks (Ch. 08). Odysseas Dionatos
  • Interferometry and the study of protoplanetary disks (Ch. 09). John D. Ilee and Jane S. Greaves
  • Line radiative transfer and statistical equilibrium (Ch. 10). Inga Kamp
  • Heating and cooling processes in disks (Ch. 11). Peter Woitke
  • Disk Chemistry (Ch. 12). Wing-Fai Thi
  • Modeling and interpretation of line observations (Ch. 13). Inga Kamp
  • Chemical networks (Ch. 14). Wing-Fai Thi
  • Ionization and heating by X-rays and cosmic rays (Ch. 15). Manuel Güdel
  • Modeling and interpretation of images (Ch. 16). Michiel Min