COSPAR 44th Scientific Assembly: Star Formation with Space-borne Infrared Facilities – the Era of JWST

It is a great honor to organize together with Marc Audard (Univ. Geneva) a scientific event on the first and the expected science results with JWST in the context of the 44th COSPAR science assembly in Athens. Almost 40 years since the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) completed the first, full-sky survey, a succession of infrared space-born facili- ties (ISO, Spitzer and Herschel) have each pushed the frontiers, helping us to uncover the complex processes which govern the formation of stars and planets. The unique capabilities of the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will soon allow us to study the, otherwise inaccessible, energetic processes governing the formation of stars and planets, to an unprecedented detail. Thesession comes in prompt time to discuss the first-light data from JWST in the context of the star-formation scheme established from previous space-infrared facilities, but also in comparison with the recent discoveries from ground-based interferometers. Our maingoal is to bring together experts with diverse observational and theoretical/modelling backgrounds to discuss the in-flight capabilities of JWST and establish, early on in the mission lifetime, the key science drivers for follow-up studies.


Organizing Committee: Agnes Kospal (Konkoly Observatory, Hungary), Francois Menard (University of Grenoble, France), Joel Green (StScI, USA), Inga Kamp (University of Groningen, Netherlands)